Being a binary options trader beats a 9 to 5 job

Being a binary options trader is better than having a 9 to 5 job for a whole list of reasons. You can work where you want and you don’t have a boss who yells at you.

Why Trading Binary Options Beats a 9 to 5 Job.

keeping an eye on time is essential at work but not so stressful when you're trading binary options

Do you watch the clock or does the clock watch you?

Trading in binary options beats a 9 to 5 job. Just think about it: it’s pretty easy to see why. Most 9 to 5 jobs are incredibly boring. You have to go to sleep early and wake up early (two things which pretty much suck and nobody really likes to do). You have to then shower, shave, make your coffee in a rush, and go out the door. If it’s raining, you need an umbrella and your day is going to be damp and miserable. If it’s hot out, you’ll be sweaty and uncomfortable.

You don’t do that as a binary options trader. You wake up when you want, and you relax at home and take your time with breakfast and coffee. You shower afterwards instead of before because you have time. If you have a regular job, you need to brave the traffic and risk an accident on the road during morning and evening rush hours – when accidents are the most common. Or, worse in terms of comfort, you have to get on public transport which usually means waiting outside in the cold or heat and risk catching a cold or flu during the winter. An investor in binary options trading doesn’t have to move around like that, and trading binary options means you don’t have to go out when it’s really not the best time to do so.

At work, if you’re not investing in binary options, you have to sit at a desk all day and look presentable. Or, you have to work outside in the elements, or maybe in a giant warehouse or factory. It smells, you’re not relaxed, and you’re not happy. In fact, come to think of it: does anyone actually like their boss? Do you like even half the people you work with? Binary options traders don’t worry about any of this. They can put up their feet, turn on their laptops, pull up Google and start looking at binary options news and other things online. They can read the NASDAQ charts and listen to their favorite music. If they want to, they can think about changing at some point out of their bathrobe. Binary options trading is working from anywhere, and for most traders of binary options that means working from home in the mornings.

With a regular job, you won’t have the luxury of doing any of this. You’ll be confined to the office and you’re not free. You’re supposed to sit there and look like you’re doing something as you “earn” your money. For most people, that means counting down eight hours every day, five days a week, which is mostly like counting down time during a prison sentence. Binary options asset traders don’t count down the hours. If anything, they start to think about lunch because, after reading about gold and silver indexes, and technology indexes, and the news, they start to think about how nice it would be to go out and get something to eat. They don’t need to do it at noon either. A binary options market trader can do it when he or she wants to. Maybe they’ll take their laptop with them and trade some more from a Starbucks cafe, or a nice restaurant. They also can take as long as they like to eat because a binary options trading professionals doesn’t have a boss telling them that they have to be back by 12:30 or 1:00.

If you’re not investing in binary options or an affiliate promoting binary options to other investors, you can’t sit back and enjoy your time. You also have to deal with “office politics”. That means you have to be careful about what you say and how you look, and even what you do around others. There’s a hierarchy there. And all this while someone else trading binary options is probably back at home, or at that comfortable oversized chair at Starbucks which you never get to sit in because you’re always in a rush for your job, and he or she is checking out USD or Euro prices, or the Dow Jones, or reading more news on Google about the latest Sony gadget or Apple release. He or she isn’t worried that somebody might come up to them and start giving them an assignment before the end of the work day.

If you’re really smart, as a binary options trader, you could even sit in a cafe in a beautiful hotel lobby. Just dress smart, take your laptop, and have some coffee and enjoy the surroundings. You can’t do that with a 9 to 5 job. But as an online trader of binary options, you can hang out in places like that and look the part. You can be surrounded by fairly wealthy people and feel successful. That’s because you can be successful at binary options trading. And when you are surrounded by beautiful things and atmospheres, and very rich people, you’ll feel like a winner.

Nobody feels like a winner at work. People feel uncomfortable and pressed for time, or uncomfortable and incredibly bored. They worry that their boss might see them playing a game online and just killing time. You feel like a prisoner because you are a prisoner. A binary options trader never feels this way. He or she hangs out where they want to and dress how they want to, and they can look at their Facebook page all they like, because their binary options investments are working to earn significant gains online. They trade on things they believe in and are excited about and they’re not just counting down the hours until they clock out.

And then comes the rush hour traffic. That’s the biggest pain, isn’t it? Dark roads at night full of angry and exhausted drivers. As a binary options trader, you don’t have to worry about that. You just can sit back and read up on the news, or post on Facebook, or even shop online at Amazon. When you trade binary options, your time is your own, and you don’t have to cut your day into little regimented portions in the way somebody else wants you to live.

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Asset Trading: Great Choices for Binary Options

Learn important tips for finding the top ten binary option asset trading choices. Learn to trade binary options with skill and with educated decisions.

The Binary Options Top Seven Plus 3 Choices You Should Consider

strike the targets you set with binary options trading

never miss a call or put when you trade the right binary options online

With 2012 well underway, it’s a great time to take a look at the binary options process and at the assets that are hot for this year so far. It’s not always easy to know which binary options to look at or what to trade. The asset that you select for the binary options trading process will help you to be successful at the binary options process, or not to be. Where do you begin, however, to know how to begin to trade binary options and where to focus your attention? Here are the top ten choices for mid-2012 to get you started.

FOREX Trading

FOREX is always an interesting choice when you are trading binary options over the Internet. It opens up a wealth of opportunities because you can look at many different currencies and the interplays between them. For instance, for asset trading, you might focus on USD and JPY or GBP and the Euro. What you are looking at with FOREX is how one of these currencies will do against the other one. Your job as you trade binary options is to make a prediction about how the two currencies will do in a set amount of time, and whether or not one will gain while the other will lose or vice versa. Right now, with the economic crisis in Europe, it’s an interesting time to focus on currencies for asset trading and to use this as the asset for binary options trading.

Gold Choices

Gold is always a great asset trading option for binary options trading. One of the advantages of this asset is that it tends to be volatile and this means that the prices change a lot in a short time frame. This is exactly what you want to see when you trade binary options, as you’re looking to make a prediction that the price of gold will or won’t hit a certain level, or that it will go up or down, etc. The more volatile that the asset is, the easier it should be to make predictions about what will happen with it in a set time frame. For this reason, people love asset trading with gold and it’s definitely one of the great choices for 2012.

Pharmaceutical Companies

While people may not think about it as often as they might others in the binary trading process, the pharmaceutical companies are a great choice for assets in 2012. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that are absolutely hot right now, and it is easy to follow the ebbs and flows of these and to make predictions accordingly. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Perrigo Co., Questcor Pharmaceuticals and others offer the binary options trader solid company choices with excellent returns. These will help the binary trading process and offer the asset trading professional a safe choice and an interesting focus. Similarly, if the binary trader wants to flip things the other way – they may want to look at pharmaceutical companies that are doing poorly. Then, they could make predictions that the asset will come in Low or No Touch, etc.

Stock Choices

Another choice with trading options is to take a look at stocks. Stock options are always an interesting way to engage the binary options process with asset trading. When someone trades binary options that trader has amazing powers right on screen, literally at the tip of their fingers, and can either look at a company that is doing amazingly well like Google Inc. or Apple, or they could look at one that is performing poorly. The company’s stock shows its worth through its shares, and the binary options trader is focusing on how that worth will do in a set amount of time. There is a great deal of information out about these companies and this makes them an easy choice for asset trading.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Another choice with binary trading is to look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is a look at 30 stocks that are traded on the NY Stock Exchange and through Nasdaq. This group includes many hot companies like Citigroup, Coca Cola, Microsoft and others. It’s another powerful type of asset trading choice and one that the binary options trading professional would find to be great fun for the process. Looking at this collection of stocks and making predictions offers another exciting way to engage in trading options. And, the wealth of information about these stocks enables the binary trader to become quite educated about the asset trading choices and to make more educated decisions with the binary options choices.

Crude Oil

Another asset trading choice that is often very lucrative is to take a look at crude oil prices. What the binary option trader is saying here is that a barrel of oil will either rise or lower in price in a set amount of time. There are a number of ways to keep track of oil prices and to make educated predictions as part of a trader’s trading options. The binary trader should pay attention to the US Department of Energy and its weekly inventory. They can also follow the import figures for crude oil and the demand.

Other Commodities

Other commodities should be considered as part of the asset trading process for the person who wants to trade binary options as well. These commodities include silver, natural gas and others. For the binary options trader who watches silver, it is generally easy to figure out when it will raise in price and when the prices will lower. Similarly, natural gas is a hot commodity at the moment and one that is taking center stage for may people. It is quite volatile, making it ideal for asset trading. Make sure, if you engage in this binary option, to look at the DOE inventory that comes out every week. This will give the binary options trader the best gauge of how natural gas is doing at that time.


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Trading Binary Options with Pharmaceutical Companies

Find out about the best pharmaceutical company picks for trading binary options in 2012.  Get the insider’s scoop on how to trade binary options with this asset.

editorial caricature of the big pharmaceutical industry and one of its assets preferred by many binary options traders

What's your cure?

Today’s binary options trader should consider all sorts of asset options before jumping into the market. It’s certainly possible to focus your attention with binary options trading on gold, silver, oil or stocks. You can, instead, take a look at currencies and at so many other types of assets. There is another option, however, that people don’t always consider – and it’s one worth taking a look at for 2012.

With the new year upon us, here are ten great suggestions for pharmaceutical binary options that just might make the year sweeter for you as a binary options trader. The idea behind these pharmaceutical choices is as follows when you trade binary options. You follow the company and see how their stocks have done for the year and then make choices about trading binary options based on that history.

This is a great way to engage in binary options trading since these are companies that have a proven track record and are easy to follow. For instance, if you take a look at Johnson & Johnson for the pat year, you’ll see that this amazing, long-standing company had consistent returns of 3% for shareholders last year. Now, keep in mind that 2011 was a year when many companies folded and when many performed poorly. With this information for the binary options trader, one can surmise that Johnson & Johnson could be an asset whose closing price in a binary options trading situation would be higher than the starting price.

Another company worth considering for binary options is Perrigo Co. with the NASDAQ symbol PRGO. This international company is a great pick for 2012 to trade binary options. They develop, make and distribute over-the-counter products and medicines and hey had an amazing return of 55% year to date. Another company with similar standing – and with even more amazing returns in 2011 was Questcor Pharmaceuticals. For the binary options trade, this is a brilliant choice for 2012. This biopharmaceutical company is most well known for the product H.P. Acthar Gel, which is actually an injectable drug that has helped with 19 known conditions. They had a gain in 2011 of 121%. Certainly, when focusing on an asset of this sort with binary options trading, one could assume that they would Touch a given price or have a finishing price that is higher than the one at which they began.

A few other companies have also achieved remarkable results in the year that is now behind us. Shire helps specialty doctors and develops products for many disorders and diseases. They jumped 30% last year, and are a pharmaceutical company worth considering for a binary option trade. Similarly, another popular vote would be for Watson Pharmaceuticals. This global company develops generic products and medicines and has gained 30% year-to-date. All of these choices would be assets that would show consistent growth and positive returns for the person trading binary options and would appear to be healthy bets in a binary option investment.

Now, another approach to the binary options process is, of course, to predict that an asset will decrease in price over time and will drop. The idea here is that the asset will be Low, or that it will Not Touch a given amount. To this end, there are many pharmaceutical companies worth watching as well. To make a prediction of this sort in a binary options trade, the trader needs to have an eye on the worst pharmaceutical companies from 2011.

Here are some of the companies to watch for the binary options trading process that would involve Low or No Touch choices. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc., for instance, markets products for urologists, endocrinologists, hand surgeons and other specialists. They had a terrible year last year, however, with a backwards slide of 23%. This would offer the binary options trader the opportunity to put an investment on a binary options trade that one would assume would not yield positive results.

Another similar example for 2012 would be Endo Pharmaceuticals. They have developed some of the popular drugs such as Percocet and Lidoderm. They were down 19% last year, making them a good choice for the No Touch or the Low binary options trade choice.

Similarly, another option with trading binary options with an asset that you predict will not reach a higher price includes Hospira Inc. This is a big pharma stock company that offers many things, including oncology injectables. However, they have slid 31% since the start of 2011, in comparison to many other companies that have similar products. Two other choices for the binary option trade with an asset that you can predict will do poorly are Nektar Therapeutics and Par Pharmaceutical. Nektar is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that makes products for oncology and pain relief. They had a major drop of 61% year-to-date. Par Pharmaceutical creates generic drugs for the market. Since the start of 2011, they dropped 23%.

One last option and suggestion for the binary options trading world is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. This massive, global company makes generic drugs for all sorts of situations and needs. They had a fall of 25% in 2011 and are a company worth watching for an asset that is performing poorly. Throwing in one final suggestion as you start trading binary options, it’s worth looking at Warner Chilcott as well. They deal mostly with women’s healthcare, with dermatology and urology. They lost 30% year-to-date, certainly frustrating their many shareholders. This makes them, however, a great asset to keep track of for predictions of loss in the coming year.

Binary option trading allows the trader to focus on the assets that he most wants to follow. When you trade binary options, you also get the opportunity to make predictions about assets increasing in price – and decreasing in price. It’s possible to make great returns on your investment by focusing on some of the pharmaceutical companies that didn’t fair well in 2011 – and to enjoy returns on your investment in this way as you trade binary options.

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Top Ten Binary Options Trading Practices

For some things in life, there are dials. For everything else, there are Master switches. If you know about switches, you will note that they are also a form of binary options. They just aren’t the kind you need to practice using in order to be an online investor. Unless, of course, you own a switch manufacturing plant. To the rest of us, here’s a useful guide to the Best Practices for binary options traders.

Top Ten Binary Options Trading Practices

a trader of binary options talks about his assets trading

perception of a positive cash flow artist

Trading binary options to make money has become extremely popular in recent years with the development of websites that allow people to carry out binary trading on their own, without needing to hire specialize brokers. To maximize how much profit you make, however, it helps to follow some best practices that keep you in tip-top shape to handle the fluctuations in the market that affect the prices of commodities.

1. Set aside time for binary trading.

One of the most important, and most underappreciated, practices followed by people who spend significant time trading binary options is to set a routine and stick to it. Since you’ll be doing most of your trading at home, be sure to set regular hours devoted to trading and to keeping up with the news you need to know to be an effective trader. Otherwise other domestic duties will often take precedence. If you want to maximize your profits, imposing a routine is not just a good idea, it’s absolutely necessary.

2. Separate work and home.

Just as it is vital to set aside regular hours, it is also crucial to create a professional environment in your home office to establish the right frame of mind for successful binary option trading. An office environment will  help you separate between home activity and binary trading, and allow you to maintain the psychological distinction between work time and leisure time. It will also make it easier to avoid distractions and keep you focused on the task at hand. People who take their binary trading seriously keep their home office seperate from their home life.

3. Schedule breaks regularly.

Even when you create a professional environment at your home office and set regular hours for trading binary options and for doing research on the market for the stocks, currencies, or commodities you plan to trade, make sure to take breaks regularly to keep the mind fresh and focused. A good rule of thumb is to take a five minute break for every hour that you are working diligently. A short break from binary trading will clear your head without breaking the momentum you build up as you work. It also helps fight off distraction while you work to know that there is a break scheduled right around the corner.

4. Keep fit with regular exercise.

If you manage to make a strong distinction between your work time trading binary options and your leisure time, make sure to factor in a set schedule for exercise. Regular exercise will give you more energy throughout the day, especially when you are working hard at your computer for long stretches. It will also increase your concentration and fight off fatigue that could cause you to give up before a big opportunity comes your way. It will also help you live longer and enjoy life more.

5. Create a plan to fight procrastination.

At some point, everyone puts off doing the things they need to do for no good reason. But letting procrastination limit how much time you devote to trading binary options will also limit how much money you make trading binary options. The surest way to fight procrastination is to devise a plan ahead of time of how you will deal with that inner resistance and then following through on the plan. Some people are motivated by deadlines, others by other forms of external pressure. Know what it takes to get you working and be prepared to implement it.

6. Look for help anywhere.

With the explosion of popularity in binary options trading, a virtual cottage industry of advisors and consultants has appeared to help people navigate the fluctuating markets. While some of the experts may be taking advantage of the demand for more information on a potentially lucrative new field, others have extremely useful information to share. Don’t turn you back on the gift of information, especially when it could help you become a better binary options trader.

7. Eat sensible meals.

One of the biggest hazards of working at home trading binary options is the close proximity of the refrigerator. Sneaking off to the kitchen for snacks is a classic form of procrastination that results in a lower bottom line on your trading day. Undermine the temptation to snack by starting the day with a solid breakfast and taking time off for a proper lunch, just as you would if you were working at an office. Better eating will also keep you more fit and trim. If you notice that a snack between meals makes you more productive, pack a snack in advance to keep you out of the kitchen.

8. Designate certain days for different types of binary trading.

It’s hard to keep up on all the markets for the stocks, currencies, and commodities you want to trade in the average day. To keep from getting paralyzed by indecision, designate different days to different markets, so that you spend the entire work day focused on just one market, getting a stronger feel for its fluctuations.

9. Stay on top of your results.

Keeping a record of your personal successes and failures with binary option trading is the quickest way to make adjustments and increase your efficiency. Working from memory on your trading will not give you an accurate picture of your overall tendencies. A written record to you can revisit wheneven you need the best way to ensure you stay on top of your trading.

10. Focus on what motivates you.

Some days, it’s hard just getting out of bed and starting the day productively. On those days, it’s important to focus on our primary motivation for engaging in binary options trading. It may not be enough to tell oneself that this is your job and primary source of income. It might help to visualize what that income allows us to do, whether it’s family vacations or new cars or bigger living spaces, it’s important to know why we are making the effort so that we can continue to push it on the days when it’s not so obvious.


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Binary Options Trading Do’s and Don’ts

You can never completely predict the volatility of markets on commodity prices but you can remove a great deal of guesswork out of binary options trading.

Binary Options Trading Do’s and Don’ts

who let out the secrets of binary options trading by word of mouth?

what hush-hush stuff have you told today?

As recently as several years ago, binary options trading was seen as an exotic form of investment that required careful research and planning because it could only be carried out through specialized brokers who charged high fees that cut deeply into profit margins. But over the past three years, binary options have truly taken off across the general population because of the advent of websites that allow people to trade binary options directly on the sites without any need for brokers at all. At the same time, economists have produced a wealth of research on the binary options trading platform. The research has taken much of the guesswork out of the practice, allowing people to predict the fluctuations in price over time – the key to success in binary options trading. But as binary options continue to grow in popularity, there is also an increase in demand for information on best practices that could help people narrow the risk even more. At the same time, people also want to know about specific things to avoid when they start to trade binary options.  The following is a short guide to some of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of binary options trading that could help people make smarter investments that earn more money.

What is a Binary Option?

In the most basic terms, a binary option is an option on a given commodity that expires at a pre-agreed time. If the commodity reaches a pre-agreed price at the time of expiry, the investment is called “in the money” and brings the investor a high rate of return, sometimes as high as 70%. If it does not, then the investment is “out of the money” and the investor looses the entire investment. It is called a binary option because there are only two possible outcomes when you trade binary options – a big return or nothing.  Whether the investment ends up in the money or not depends on how the investor predicts the market will go and what type of binary options trading platform he or she chooses. For example, a binary options trading platform called the touch platform puts the investor in the money if the commodity touches the price any time from purchase until expiration. But with a binary options trading platform called range, the price has to end up within the pre-agreed range, or outside of it, depending on which you predicted. Therefore, the first rule of successful binary options trading is to study the different platforms and choose the one that gives you the best change to end up in the money.

Study the Markets to Improve Binary Options Trading

Since binary options trading involves commodities that are bought and sold in markets across the world, the more you know about the markets and of particular commodities, the better prepared you will be to make good decisions when you purchase binary options. By the same token, since the key to successful binary options trading is predicting how the market will fluctuate over a particular period of time, it is helpful to look at the tools created by economists that help harness market volatility. One of the most useful tools is a formula known as the Black-Scholes formula that helps predict the price of a commodity over time. While the formula itself involves what looks like complex mathematics, there are also software programs that provide calculations that are capable of accounting for various factors that lead prices to drop and fall. When you trade binary options, you begin to gain sensitivity to the rise and fall of commodity prices. While it is difficult to predict the volatility of the prices, especially in relatively short intervals, economists have spend long hours studying these fluctuations and have developed ways to eliminate some of the guesswork.

Follow Your Binary Options Trading Platform

There is no better way to learn how to trade binary options than to start to trade binary options. Since the boom in binary options trading took place after the Internet made it possible to trade without broker frees and in short intervals, you can make small trades in the beginning to get a better feel for how the market moves and which commodities are more predictable than others. You also get a sense of which binary options trading platform is best for which commodities. You should also take into account the time of day for trading, since many of the trades are taking place in foreign markets in different time zones. Remember that you gain a large return on each transaction that ends up in the money, so even if you succeed with a relatively small percentage, you could still end up with a profit on your trades.

Never Get Discouraged in Binary Options Trading

While most tips about binary options trading involve pro-active actions to take to help increase the chances that your investments will be in the money, there is also one important reactive step that could make all the difference. No matter how things go, never get discouraged. Every time you fail to land in the money is an important learning experience which, if you look at it carefully and extract a lesson, could help you end up in the money many more times in the future. The key, then, is to look at your successes and failures and see the patterns that emerge from them. Although the market is too volatile to predict with real accuracy, binary options trading is all about eliminating as much of the guesswork as possible. Remember, a skilled binary options trader could command a huge return on investments without tying up resources in long-term investments. But even those who are the most skilled in trading binary options still end up out of the money regularly. The difference between the ones who make a profit and the ones that don’t is that one of them continues to apply himself, using all of the advantages available while the other gets discouraged and stops.

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Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Affiliates programs let people make money from their preexisting resources, such as website traffic, by sending potential customers to binary trading websites.

Affiliate Programs for Binary Trading:

USD 20 dollar bill

20-bucks - Affiliates can make this amount on each click

With the rise of commerce on the Internet, affiliate programs have developed for virtually every product on the market, including binary options trading. A binary options affiliates program allows you to serve as a virtual salesman for a company and receive a commission for every unit sold without ever formally joining the company as an employee. You don’t need sales experience or any specialized knowledge. Simply register as an affiliate with any company that offers affiliate services and you can begin to profit you’re your efforts on the company’s behalf. Perhaps the most visible affiliate program is run by the website Numerous people serve as affiliates for its books or electronics by placing a banner ad or a link on their own website. People who enter Amazon through that particular link or advertisement are credited to the affiliates. If the customer then makes a purchase, the affiliates get a portion of the profits. The affiliates program allows sellers to widen their reach considerably and it allows Internet users with a special interest in a particular form of commerce to make some money through their ability to sell the product. The same is true in a binary options affiliate program. Since binary trading involves buying and selling commodities over a pre-determined period, affiliates make money by helping attract buyers to the binary markets.

How the Affiliate Program Works:

Just like any other type of affiliates program, a binary options affiliate program allows

Andrew Jackson Close up on 20 bucks

Get up close and personal with Andrew Jacksons

Internet users to make money in several different ways. Once they sign up to the binary options affiliate program, they can choose either to share revenue generated by customers you send to the online binary options seller or a pre-determined payment for each customer referred to the main company by the affiliates. The first is called a Revenue Share and the second is known as a Cost per Acquisition. Both have their advantages, depending on where an affiliate’s particular strengths lie in regard to binary trading. If the affiliate is good at generating interest in convincing people to spend significant amounts of money in binary options trading, it would makes sense for the affiliate to choose the revenue share. If, on the other hand, he is good at generating interest in the issue so that people come to a binary trading site and check it out, there is value in the flat fee for customer referrals. There is also an option for a combination of the two payment methods.

Advantages of Joining a Binary Options Affiliate Program:

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of binary trading taking

back of 20-dollar bill

In God We Trust

place on the Internet. Years ago, binary options were considered “exotic” investments and were expensive to trade because they required the services of a special broker who charged high fees. But with the advent of Internet sites dedicated to binary options trading, the practice has attracted more and more people because of the lower barrier to entry. Through the websites, anyone can open an account and begin trading binary options. So joining a binary options affiliate program is an opportunity to ride the wave of popularity while it is still growing. Since more people are willing to consider binary options than ever before, it is easier than ever to make money in an affiliates program. Anyone with a website that generates regular traffic can channel that traffic to a binary trading site and make money off of that traffic.

Binary Trading for the Masses:

Another big advantage to joining a binary options affiliate program is that once you have referred a customer who gets started in binary options trading, that customer remains credited to your account for life, in most programs. That means that you continue to share in the revenue generated by your referral as long as the revenue continues. So if you have regular readers of your site or blog who might be inclined to click on a link to visit a binary trading website, you can potentially gain new outlets for passive income if they find success with binary options. That way you win by being an affiliate and your readers win by finding an outlet for their own income, and the company wins because it gains a new customer. Affiliate programs are part of the fabric of the Internet that have made it easier for people to find ways to make money using the resources already at their disposal.

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Binary Options Trading Versus FOREX

“Learn about the differences between binary options and FOREX and about the benefits of one over another.  Find out about trading with investments that are best.”

Binary Options Trading and FOREX Trading

When investors start to look at the market and to think about where they want to invest, how do they begin? There are so many investment vehicles that it’s often difficult to make a decision. By comparing some of these options, an investor can make a more educated decision for himself and for his investments. First, we will give an overview of binary options trading to get a feel for this type of investment trading. Then, we will look at FOREX trading. Finally, we will make comparisons to help investors to make decisions for themselves that are educated.

The Binary Options Trading Process

The binary options trading process has quickly become a well appreciated and well used form of investing. It’s a straight-forward investing model and one that attracts people for this reason and others. The process with binary trading is quite straight-forward. The investor selects an asset to follow and draws conclusions about what will happen with that asset in a given amount of time. He then decides how much he wants to invest in the outcome that he predicts will come to fruition.

Options with Trading in Binary Trading

The binary trading process allows for many options. The investor can decide to invest on a Range, meaning that the asset will come within (Inside) a specific price range in a given amount of time or that it will be beyond (Outside) that range. They can bet that the binary trading will be High, meaning they’ll be priced higher than the starting price by expiry; or Low, so they’ll be lower than the starting price at expiry. They can also say that the binary options will touch (Touch or One Touch) a certain price within the time allowed or not touch (No Touch).

FOREX Trading

Now, with FOREX trading, you are buying and selling foreign currency amounts. FOREX is all about trading in currency pairs. Investors are always trading the base (the first currency). Your job is to predict what will happen with one currency in respect to the other one. Will the Euro fall, for instance, against the US dollar or will it remain strong? Obviously, the FOREX trading market tends to be greatly influenced by economic, political and other factors that hit the world economy. It’s vitally important to stay on top of current events with FOREX trading and to understand the fluctuations in currency trading and the reasons for potential changes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

With that brief overview, it’s time to evaluate the benefits of binary options versus FOREX. FOREX requires that you focus on currency exchanges and amounts, which tends to limit the investor. With binary options, the investor can focus on a huge range of assets, allowing for a great deal of variety and for a change of focus as desired. Many investors have found that with binary options it is harder to loose money and easier to make it. Why is this the case? The main factor here, and the piece that is essential for investors to understand is the following. With FOREX you will win more or loss more based on how much the market moves. This creates a great deal of nuance in the trading process and requires you to be finely tuned to the incremental differences in currency changes. With binary options, however, you only have to be correct about the direction of the movement, not about the specific amount that it moved. This offers a great deal more flexibility and more ways to make a profit from your investment.

More Thoughts on Trading

Of course, in addition, with FOREX the investor needs to be acutely tuned into the currency market. They need to know what currencies seem to be rising against other currencies at the moment, and how the interconnectedness of various currencies influences their fluctuations. This is very specific, and more fine tuned than are many investors. For this reason, binary trading may be more suitable for a larger amount of investors. They have the option of knowing about various assets and about selecting one asset to focus on today and another on a different day.  Certainly, these decisions have to come for each person individually, but it’s important to have a point of comparison.

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Learn to Trade Binary Options

Trade Binary Options

Learning about investing and participating at a site like opens up a whole new world to novice investors. Binary options are a great way to get started in the market, since they make a lot of sense and are an easy type of investment to understand and to follow. Certainly, it’s a great idea to learn the basics about how to trade binary options by reading materials, talking to friends who trade already, and doing your research at Then, you’ll want to get into the action and see how binary options really work!  When you trade binary options you’ll very quickly get into the swing of things and www.optionsclick.comhelps you to do so.

Understanding Binary Options

Binary options are a type of investment that allows you to make a number of set decisions. First, you decide on the commodity that you want to trade. This can be anything from gold and oil to stocks and silver. You decide a time frame within which you want the investment to take place, and you decide how much you want to invest. Then, you have to decide on the type of investment that you are making.

Binary Options Investments

There are a number of ways that you might invest with binary options. If you are looking at the High/Low possibility, this means that you’re looking at whether the price of the asset at the time that it expires will be higher or lower than the price you purchased it at. If you pick “Higher” and your trade does end higher, then you’ve made a profit and vice versa. One Touch is another type of investment and this is when the trader says that the commodity will touch the target price at time of expiry. In order to make a profit, your asset will have to touch that set price at the time that it expires; if you’ve selected No Touch, then you’re saying that the asset won’t get to that price by the time of expiry.

More on Investments with Binary Options

Another possibility is to bet on a Range or Boundary. Here, you decide if the price of the asset will settle Inside or Outside of a particular range. If you select Inside, then the asset needs to come within that range by the expiry time to make a profit.

Fun at

All of this makes a great deal of sense when you get started and is quite straight-forward. One of the great things when you trade binary options is that you know up front, before you even invest, what you stand to make as a profit and what you stand to lose. This creates a transparency that isn’t always evident with other types of investments. All of these options are available at, and the various ways to invest are explained in full detail.

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Price of Oil not going down

“Learn all about oil and the rising cost of crude oil at the moment. Find out what OPEC has to do with these rising costs and why the prices seem to keep increasing.”

Oil Prices Rising
Many people notice at the gas tank that oil prices are certainly rising. The same people, however, don’t necessarily know why this is true, or why the price sometimes corrects itself. Oil is a terribly important commodity, of course, and one that we need around the world. What, therefore, influences the rising costs and what can be done to protect crude oil from massive increases?

Why Oil Price is Rising?
There are certainly many factors that affect the rising price of crude oil. OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is one factor that influences the price of this commodity. OPEC, a very influential organization, influences the market a great deal. Their decisions are able to change international oil prices and to control the rising prices of this commodity at times. They clearly want to protect their own interests and to keep oil prices rising for their benefit.

Oil Investing
Oil is a commodity that is traded a great deal and this trading can also influence of the price of the product. Investment houses, banks and pension and hedge funds all love focusing on

Bashar Assad

Syria's TurmOil with Bashar Assad's Cling To Power Threatens Crude Oil

oil. They buy and sell oil and can often influence the rising costs. This happens because traders will buy oil futures with the goal of then selling them later on for a profit; this type of buying then increases oil prices.

Similarly, the recent Arab Spring and upheaval in the Middle East has taken the blame for rising oil price issues. This isn’t a fully accurate picture, however, since there haven’t been any major changes in supply as a result of this incident.

Supply and Demand
The changes in oil prices is also due to a simple supply and demand formula. During a recession, for instance, when demand is down, the global supply is up. This would mean that prices should decrease; although strangely enough, the prices have increased at times in this situation.

The Falling Dollar
Another idea is that the rising cost of crude oil is due to the falling dollar. Oil is priced in

dollar sign that is big and there

Downward goes the almighty dollar?

dollars. It often rises as investors gravitate towards the commodity as the Euro is strengthened and the dollar falls.

The Political Landscape
Certainly, the price of this commodity is also tied to the political landscape. If one country that possesses a great deal of the oil has a scandal or shows economic instability, it’s going to influence the costs of oil. Similarly, during times when new locations, such as Alaska, have discovered crude oil, this has helped to bring oil prices down; people get more comfortable and believe that there will be a larger oil supply with such a discovery.  It doesn’t take much to influence the prices of oil.  Organizations like OPEC certainly help with the rising costs of oil; the political landscape can influence oil prices, as can investors, the strength of the dollar and many other factors.

Use this information wisely. If you are comfortable with a certain level of risk, and understand the market enough, you can use such understandings to trade binary options and see if your predictions bare fruit.

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The Great Binary Options Revolution

As new financial instruments become available in order to enable traders to take advantage of market situations,  binary options trading has really taken the lead and absorbed much of the market that had grown weary of Wall Streets shenanigans and the realization that a computer make most people just as competent as a brokerage firm.

While it used to be the case that you would have to pick up the phone, dial your broker, speak to him and then await a confirmation call back, nowadays you can simply login to or any of the half dozen other binary options trading websites and start trading. You used to have to call your broker and check on that stocks position for the day, or if it is early enough, read the news paper.

So yeah, the world of trading has changed, but its gotten easier, not harder, with super derivatives such as binary options trading. The days of being a stock broker are now icon’s of the 80’s, before computers where common and when leg warmers, shoulder pads and David Bowie were in style

David Bowie Analogy to Binary Options Trading

David Bowie and stock brokers are forever stuck as 80's icons


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