Top Ten Reasons to Trade the FTSE and NASDAQ Indices

Top Ten Reasons to Trade the FTSE and NASDAQ Indices

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A list of 10 great reasons why trading in binary options on the FTSE and NASDAQ is better than trading on the markets.

There are many reasons why one would want to choose to trade in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options. Here are some of the top ten reasons why:

1) Regardless of the quarterly trend, binary options is the way to go. When trading on the NASDAQ or FTSE, one is still engaged in regular stock trading, which means that you’re really relying on the stocks to go up to generate revenues. If the stocks go down, you’re in real trouble, which leaves you very few options in regards to your financial choices. Instead, by trading with binary options, you can create capital whether the trends are up or down, simply by predicting the outcome of the stocks. This leads to real ROI (returns on investment) with a 100% more chance of gain than simply trading in the NASDAQ or FTSE itself and hoping that the stocks go up.

2) Predicting outcomes isn’t always easy. After all, if it were, everyone would be a fortune teller. But a real binary options trader can usually learn enough to predict trends. If the quarterly earnings on FTSE and NASDAQ are going down, it’s a sure bet that most of the main companies you’re looking at are going to be in a downturn. While this doesn’t bode well for the regular investor, it can be a positive boon for the binary options investor, because binary options trading relies on trend choices and not simply on profit for the companies itself. When a binary options trader looks at the trends on the FTSE and NASDAQ, and sees a downturn, he or she is much better off trading in binary options related to those markets instead of within the markets themselves. This is because a binary options trader is just as likely to make a huge return on investment if the market is down as opposed to being up.

3) Some big companies on the NASDAQ like Apple are in the downturn. It doesn’t mean that Apple is failing as a company but rather that the market is fluctuating right now and in a period of self correction. However, for a binary options trader, such a trend can be a boon. While no trader is really making money on Apple on the NASDAQ right now, lots of people are still making money on the trading of Apple binary options. Because it’s easy to see how their stock is doing at the moment, it’s easy to predict whether or not the stock is going to be trending down or up. The answer is most likely down, but that shouldn’t stop you from trading in Apple binary options. The reason is clear: trading in binary options gives you more choices for your financial success. Top rated online casino toronto canada, safe, mobile, FREE deposit Welcome package online casino toronto

4) Trading in big international companies on the FTSE is usually a sign of success. But not when the quarterly trends are down. In fact, during those times, people get out of trading because they can only lose money on those markets. Those that stay in are in for the “long haul”, but usually have enough money to risk it all in such ventures. However, a binary options trader doesn’t have to think that way. Regardless of how the market is doing, a binary options trader can make just as much money trading in FTSE binary options when the market is down as when it is up. Not only that, you don’t need a lot of money to do it in, and your return on your investment will be even bigger than regular market trading. That’s why binary options investors see downturns as an opportunity rather than a risk.

5) Money is a problem for many people. Most people don’t have a lot of it lying around. And fewer yet have enough to start buying real stocks in valuable companies on the NASDAQ and FTSE. Worse still, if the markets are down, you’re not going to see a profitable return on investment doing that unless you have a lot of it to risk and a long time to spare with your money locked out of reach. However, for binary options, it is completely different. Regardless of the downturn in the markets, a binary options can invest a little money in a short amount of time and see just as much of a big return on a downturn as with an upturn, should he or she correctly predict the index swings. That’s all which is needed: a little initiative, a very little amount of money, and a chance to risk just a few dollars or euros on the outcome. Nothing more.

6) Even your chances. That’s what binary options is about. Because binary options gives you an opportunity to trade in NASDAQ and FTSE with a double opportunity to see your bottom line grow positively, you’re evening your chances by trading in them. If the markets are in a downturn and the quarterly earnings are down, almost everyone on the NASDAQ and FTSE will be losing money. However, binary options traders don’t think that way. It doesn’t matter what the trend is as long as you correctly pick it out. If you’re prediction is that those companies are trending down, and it actually happens, you get just as much return on your investment as if you predicted them to be going up and see that happening instead. That’s what it means to even your chances. You’re not relying on the stocks just to go up.

7) Less monetary risk. There’s far less monetary risk as a binary options investor trading in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options than a regular investor on those markets. And why is that? Simply because it costs a lot less. Buying stocks in those markets can sometimes be very pricey, and you’re not going to see nearly as much return on your investment. It can cost hundreds of dollars in some companies to simply buy one stock. Imagine trying to buy ten or twenty of them, and then just getting a few dollars back in the long run. But with binary options, you get to spend only a few dollars per trade if you want, and you get up to 80, or 90 percent profit in some cases on each trade. That’s far more than you’d ever get on regular market trading, and you won’t be losing your shirt if you make the wrong kind of investment.

8) If you’re a serious investor, you’ll know that trading in the market is risky right now. It’s up and down, some companies are going bust and some are profiting. But it’s sometimes hard to correctly guess which ones, and it’s going to cost you a lot of money if you make the wrong decision. But with binary options trading in FTSE and NASDAQ companies, you won’t have to invest that much, and you’re going to know there’s less risk involved in making the wrong decision. What’s even better is that you can make better and easier choices as a binary options than being a regular investor. And why? Because you’re able to choose to invest on a downturn as well as an upturn and get just as much money back for your effort. That’s why binary options is for serious investors.

9) It’s made by professionals. Binary options was invented by professional investors who wanted to have a simpler method of investing and making the choices that professionals want to make. It was only available to professionals for years in big trading houses before it was opened to the public. That means that for years, professional investors have been trading in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options and making a veritable profit before allowing anyone else to use these methods. It’s one of the best ways to create real, cumulative wealth and that’s why they kept it as theirs alone for so long. But now that they are open to the public, anyone can use them and be just as professional without having a ton of money to back them up when they start.

10) It’s far easier to diversify. The secret to any trading success is to diversify your portfolio. Everyone knows this. Everyone understands why. But how easy is it to diversify your portfolio when some stocks cost hundreds of dollars per stock? Does everyone have fifty thousand dollars they can invest in different stocks with enough to make a handsome profit? Most people don’t have that, and that’s why they were shut out of trading on the NASDAQ and FTSE for so long. But with binary options, that is no longer an issue. One binary options trade can cost only a few dollars, or however much you want to put into it. So for only a handful of dollars, you can trade in half a dozen companies all at the same time. This not only evens your chance for success, but also gives you greater control of what you’re spending on your investing and what you’re spending in your daily life. There is far less risk involved and much greater profit to be had. That’s why people the world over are turning to binary options trading instead of going directly to trade on the markets themselves.

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