Top Ten Other Things To Do when you are not trading binary options

Top 10 Life Choices Outside Of The Binary Options Trade

From learning magic, to learning to draw, learning a new language, or nature photography, and more.

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Presto! It’s the Bodacious Binary Bunny

There are many things to do when not trading in binary options. People think that binary options traders do nothing else but sit around all day in front of a computer screen and look at numbers, statistics, and economic news. But this is absolutely untrue. Binary options traders tend to work hard and play hard, or simply relax in downtime. Even the full time binary options traders do this. After all, nobody works on their job every waking moment.

10) Binary options investor like to read a lot. Reading is not only a great way to pass the time, but also to expand one’s mind. And the more one understands in life, the better one becomes at predicting circumstances. Reading has become easier than ever with the advent of tablets. Now, I carry an entire library of books on my iPad everywhere I go. It’s a great way to spend my time and to relax.

9) Hiking is another way to spend time when not trading in binary options. Go out there and enjoy a good walk in nature. With people staring at screens all day, walking in the woods or going on a trail in the mountains is a perfect way to shape yourself up and enjoy the world around you. Make sure you set aside a few hours to do that in so that you can just relax and look around you. Sometimes, just looking around is a great way to notice things about the world and yourself.

8) Photography is a wonderful way to spend some time when not investing in binary options. In fact, why not take pictures while hiking and walking around? We all carry cell phones with cameras now, and you don’t need a professional camera to do this. Try composing some pictures with your phone – most of them have very sophisticated software built into them which mimic professional cameras, only most people never experiment with the settings. When you’re out hiking, you have the time to try things out.

7) Cooking is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself when not exchanging binary options. Cooking is an art and it can be extremely enjoyable. Most people really only cook quick meals, but there’s not much enjoyment in that. Plan out a really nice dinner sometime and look up the things which you need to get to make it perfect. It takes time to cook a great meal. And then don’t eat it in front of the computer. Eat it at your table and enjoy it for the work that it was to make it. I promise you that it’ll taste wonderful and you’ll finish with a very satisfied feeling.

6) Listening to music is also a great way to relax when not engaging in the binary options trade. We all listen to music all the time – think of how easy it is now. Imagine what it must have been like a hundred years ago when you heard a song in a performance once, and may never hear it again. Now, we just call it up on our computer or device and listen to it as many times as we like. Perhaps you should sit down with some nice speakers or a nice headset and really listen to something relaxing with your eyes closed. It’s a great way to pass the time and helps you relax.

5) Go biking! Biking is a great active sport and enjoyed by many binary options traders. With a bike, you can go even further than hiking, and it’s just as good for you. Take some friends and check out some bike trails. A great way to do this is also to plan a picnic with them. Bring along some good food and stop somewhere really pleasant and enjoy a beautiful day. Especially with spring in the air, you’ll want to enjoy your time in nature by riding a bike for a while.

4) Visit a museum. Trading in binary options sometimes gives you extra play time, and going to a museum is a great way to enjoy art and learn things at the same time. A lot of people think that museums can be boring, but they’re really not. If you like reading about new things, and like seeing things up and close, you’ll want to give this a try. There is so much out there to see and to experience. Museum visits will educate you and expand your mind as well as your culture.

3) Lean a new skill like magic. Because of YouTube, you can find literally hundreds of thousands (if not more) of instructional videos online for absolutely free. There are tens of thousands of videos alone which teach about magic for instance. You can learn to do magic tricks just by practising some from online videos every day. It’s not only a great way to impress your friends, but it’s also fun! Practising magic only takes a few minutes a day and is very rewarding. It also makes you do something non-technology related which is also good for your daily mix.

2) Learn a new language. Learning languages can come in very handy for so many occasions and is the ultimate way of expanding your horizons and perception of things. There are thousands of online courses for learning a language and they’re far more fun than that high school French or Spanish class you were forced to take. Learning at your own pace is the best way to go and it will allow you to read other media to help you in your binary options investments down the road.

1) Learn to draw! Drawing is really relaxing and you can do it anywhere. There are also thousands upon thousands of free videos online teaching people how to draw. Everyone likes to doodle, but everyone is impressed by somebody who has abilities to draw well. So try that out for a bit and don’t give up so easily. After a while, you’ll see it was worth it.

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