Asset Trading: Great Choices for Binary Options

Learn important tips for finding the top ten binary option asset trading choices. Learn to trade binary options with skill and with educated decisions.

The Binary Options Top Seven Plus 3 Choices You Should Consider

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With 2012 well underway, it’s a great time to take a look at the binary options process and at the assets that are hot for this year so far. It’s not always easy to know which binary options to look at or what to trade. The asset that you select for the binary options trading process will help you to be successful at the binary options process, or not to be. Where do you begin, however, to know how to begin to trade binary options and where to focus your attention? Here are the top ten choices for mid-2012 to get you started.

FOREX Trading

FOREX is always an interesting choice when you are trading binary options over the Internet. It opens up a wealth of opportunities because you can look at many different currencies and the interplays between them. For instance, for asset trading, you might focus on USD and JPY or GBP and the Euro. What you are looking at with FOREX is how one of these currencies will do against the other one. Your job as you trade binary options is to make a prediction about how the two currencies will do in a set amount of time, and whether or not one will gain while the other will lose or vice versa. Right now, with the economic crisis in Europe, it’s an interesting time to focus on currencies for asset trading and to use this as the asset for binary options trading.

Gold Choices

Gold is always a great asset trading option for binary options trading. One of the advantages of this asset is that it tends to be volatile and this means that the prices change a lot in a short time frame. This is exactly what you want to see when you trade binary options, as you’re looking to make a prediction that the price of gold will or won’t hit a certain level, or that it will go up or down, etc. The more volatile that the asset is, the easier it should be to make predictions about what will happen with it in a set time frame. For this reason, people love asset trading with gold and it’s definitely one of the great choices for 2012.

Pharmaceutical Companies

While people may not think about it as often as they might others in the binary trading process, the pharmaceutical companies are a great choice for assets in 2012. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that are absolutely hot right now, and it is easy to follow the ebbs and flows of these and to make predictions accordingly. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Perrigo Co., Questcor Pharmaceuticals and others offer the binary options trader solid company choices with excellent returns. These will help the binary trading process and offer the asset trading professional a safe choice and an interesting focus. Similarly, if the binary trader wants to flip things the other way – they may want to look at pharmaceutical companies that are doing poorly. Then, they could make predictions that the asset will come in Low or No Touch, etc.

Stock Choices

Another choice with trading options is to take a look at stocks. Stock options are always an interesting way to engage the binary options process with asset trading. When someone trades binary options that trader has amazing powers right on screen, literally at the tip of their fingers, and can either look at a company that is doing amazingly well like Google Inc. or Apple, or they could look at one that is performing poorly. The company’s stock shows its worth through its shares, and the binary options trader is focusing on how that worth will do in a set amount of time. There is a great deal of information out about these companies and this makes them an easy choice for asset trading.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Another choice with binary trading is to look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is a look at 30 stocks that are traded on the NY Stock Exchange and through Nasdaq. This group includes many hot companies like Citigroup, Coca Cola, Microsoft and others. It’s another powerful type of asset trading choice and one that the binary options trading professional would find to be great fun for the process. Looking at this collection of stocks and making predictions offers another exciting way to engage in trading options. And, the wealth of information about these stocks enables the binary trader to become quite educated about the asset trading choices and to make more educated decisions with the binary options choices.

Crude Oil

Another asset trading choice that is often very lucrative is to take a look at crude oil prices. What the binary option trader is saying here is that a barrel of oil will either rise or lower in price in a set amount of time. There are a number of ways to keep track of oil prices and to make educated predictions as part of a trader’s trading options. The binary trader should pay attention to the US Department of Energy and its weekly inventory. They can also follow the import figures for crude oil and the demand.

Other Commodities

Other commodities should be considered as part of the asset trading process for the person who wants to trade binary options as well. These commodities include silver, natural gas and others. For the binary options trader who watches silver, it is generally easy to figure out when it will raise in price and when the prices will lower. Similarly, natural gas is a hot commodity at the moment and one that is taking center stage for may people. It is quite volatile, making it ideal for asset trading. Make sure, if you engage in this binary option, to look at the DOE inventory that comes out every week. This will give the binary options trader the best gauge of how natural gas is doing at that time.


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