Trading Binary Options with Pharmaceutical Companies

Find out about the best pharmaceutical company picks for trading binary options in 2012. ¬†Get the insider’s scoop on how to trade binary options with this asset.

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Today’s binary options trader should consider all sorts of asset options before jumping into the market. It’s certainly possible to focus your attention with binary options trading on gold, silver, oil or stocks. You can, instead, take a look at currencies and at so many other types of assets. There is another option, however, that people don’t always consider – and it’s one worth taking a look at for 2012.

With the new year upon us, here are ten great suggestions for pharmaceutical binary options that just might make the year sweeter for you as a binary options trader. The idea behind these pharmaceutical choices is as follows when you trade binary options. You follow the company and see how their stocks have done for the year and then make choices about trading binary options based on that history.

This is a great way to engage in binary options trading since these are companies that have a proven track record and are easy to follow. For instance, if you take a look at Johnson & Johnson for the pat year, you’ll see that this amazing, long-standing company had consistent returns of 3% for shareholders last year. Now, keep in mind that 2011 was a year when many companies folded and when many performed poorly. With this information for the binary options trader, one can surmise that Johnson & Johnson could be an asset whose closing price in a binary options trading situation would be higher than the starting price.

Another company worth considering for binary options is Perrigo Co. with the NASDAQ symbol PRGO. This international company is a great pick for 2012 to trade binary options. They develop, make and distribute over-the-counter products and medicines and hey had an amazing return of 55% year to date. Another company with similar standing – and with even more amazing returns in 2011 was Questcor Pharmaceuticals. For the binary options trade, this is a brilliant choice for 2012. This biopharmaceutical company is most well known for the product H.P. Acthar Gel, which is actually an injectable drug that has helped with 19 known conditions. They had a gain in 2011 of 121%. Certainly, when focusing on an asset of this sort with binary options trading, one could assume that they would Touch a given price or have a finishing price that is higher than the one at which they began.

A few other companies have also achieved remarkable results in the year that is now behind us. Shire helps specialty doctors and develops products for many disorders and diseases. They jumped 30% last year, and are a pharmaceutical company worth considering for a binary option trade. Similarly, another popular vote would be for Watson Pharmaceuticals. This global company develops generic products and medicines and has gained 30% year-to-date. All of these choices would be assets that would show consistent growth and positive returns for the person trading binary options and would appear to be healthy bets in a binary option investment.

Now, another approach to the binary options process is, of course, to predict that an asset will decrease in price over time and will drop. The idea here is that the asset will be Low, or that it will Not Touch a given amount. To this end, there are many pharmaceutical companies worth watching as well. To make a prediction of this sort in a binary options trade, the trader needs to have an eye on the worst pharmaceutical companies from 2011.

Here are some of the companies to watch for the binary options trading process that would involve Low or No Touch choices. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc., for instance, markets products for urologists, endocrinologists, hand surgeons and other specialists. They had a terrible year last year, however, with a backwards slide of 23%. This would offer the binary options trader the opportunity to put an investment on a binary options trade that one would assume would not yield positive results.

Another similar example for 2012 would be Endo Pharmaceuticals. They have developed some of the popular drugs such as Percocet and Lidoderm. They were down 19% last year, making them a good choice for the No Touch or the Low binary options trade choice.

Similarly, another option with trading binary options with an asset that you predict will not reach a higher price includes Hospira Inc. This is a big pharma stock company that offers many things, including oncology injectables. However, they have slid 31% since the start of 2011, in comparison to many other companies that have similar products. Two other choices for the binary option trade with an asset that you can predict will do poorly are Nektar Therapeutics and Par Pharmaceutical. Nektar is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that makes products for oncology and pain relief. They had a major drop of 61% year-to-date. Par Pharmaceutical creates generic drugs for the market. Since the start of 2011, they dropped 23%.

One last option and suggestion for the binary options trading world is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. This massive, global company makes generic drugs for all sorts of situations and needs. They had a fall of 25% in 2011 and are a company worth watching for an asset that is performing poorly. Throwing in one final suggestion as you start trading binary options, it’s worth looking at Warner Chilcott as well. They deal mostly with women’s healthcare, with dermatology and urology. They lost 30% year-to-date, certainly frustrating their many shareholders. This makes them, however, a great asset to keep track of for predictions of loss in the coming year.

Binary option trading allows the trader to focus on the assets that he most wants to follow. When you trade binary options, you also get the opportunity to make predictions about assets increasing in price – and decreasing in price. It’s possible to make great returns on your investment by focusing on some of the pharmaceutical companies that didn’t fair well in 2011 – and to enjoy returns on your investment in this way as you trade binary options.

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