Top Ten Reasons to Trade the FTSE and NASDAQ Indices

Top Ten Reasons to Trade the FTSE and NASDAQ Indices

binary options trading illustration about ftse and nasdaq

These charts are going up.

A list of 10 great reasons why trading in binary options on the FTSE and NASDAQ is better than trading on the markets.

There are many reasons why one would want to choose to trade in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options. Here are some of the top ten reasons why:

1) Regardless of the quarterly trend, binary options is the way to go. When trading on the NASDAQ or FTSE, one is still engaged in regular stock trading, which means that you’re really relying on the stocks to go up to generate revenues. If the stocks go down, you’re in real trouble, which leaves you very few options in regards to your financial choices. Instead, by trading with binary options, you can create capital whether the trends are up or down, simply by predicting the outcome of the stocks. This leads to real ROI (returns on investment) with a 100% more chance of gain than simply trading in the NASDAQ or FTSE itself and hoping that the stocks go up.

2) Predicting outcomes isn’t always easy. After all, if it were, everyone would be a fortune teller. But a real binary options trader can usually learn enough to predict trends. If the quarterly earnings on FTSE and NASDAQ are going down, it’s a sure bet that most of the main companies you’re looking at are going to be in a downturn. While this doesn’t bode well for the regular investor, it can be a positive boon for the binary options investor, because binary options trading relies on trend choices and not simply on profit for the companies itself. When a binary options trader looks at the trends on the FTSE and NASDAQ, and sees a downturn, he or she is much better off trading in binary options related to those markets instead of within the markets themselves. This is because a binary options trader is just as likely to make a huge return on investment if the market is down as opposed to being up.

3) Some big companies on the NASDAQ like Apple are in the downturn. It doesn’t mean that Apple is failing as a company but rather that the market is fluctuating right now and in a period of self correction. However, for a binary options trader, such a trend can be a boon. While no trader is really making money on Apple on the NASDAQ right now, lots of people are still making money on the trading of Apple binary options. Because it’s easy to see how their stock is doing at the moment, it’s easy to predict whether or not the stock is going to be trending down or up. The answer is most likely down, but that shouldn’t stop you from trading in Apple binary options. The reason is clear: trading in binary options gives you more choices for your financial success. Top rated online casino toronto canada, safe, mobile, FREE deposit Welcome package online casino toronto

4) Trading in big international companies on the FTSE is usually a sign of success. But not when the quarterly trends are down. In fact, during those times, people get out of trading because they can only lose money on those markets. Those that stay in are in for the “long haul”, but usually have enough money to risk it all in such ventures. However, a binary options trader doesn’t have to think that way. Regardless of how the market is doing, a binary options trader can make just as much money trading in FTSE binary options when the market is down as when it is up. Not only that, you don’t need a lot of money to do it in, and your return on your investment will be even bigger than regular market trading. That’s why binary options investors see downturns as an opportunity rather than a risk.

5) Money is a problem for many people. Most people don’t have a lot of it lying around. And fewer yet have enough to start buying real stocks in valuable companies on the NASDAQ and FTSE. Worse still, if the markets are down, you’re not going to see a profitable return on investment doing that unless you have a lot of it to risk and a long time to spare with your money locked out of reach. However, for binary options, it is completely different. Regardless of the downturn in the markets, a binary options can invest a little money in a short amount of time and see just as much of a big return on a downturn as with an upturn, should he or she correctly predict the index swings. That’s all which is needed: a little initiative, a very little amount of money, and a chance to risk just a few dollars or euros on the outcome. Nothing more.

6) Even your chances. That’s what binary options is about. Because binary options gives you an opportunity to trade in NASDAQ and FTSE with a double opportunity to see your bottom line grow positively, you’re evening your chances by trading in them. If the markets are in a downturn and the quarterly earnings are down, almost everyone on the NASDAQ and FTSE will be losing money. However, binary options traders don’t think that way. It doesn’t matter what the trend is as long as you correctly pick it out. If you’re prediction is that those companies are trending down, and it actually happens, you get just as much return on your investment as if you predicted them to be going up and see that happening instead. That’s what it means to even your chances. You’re not relying on the stocks just to go up.

7) Less monetary risk. There’s far less monetary risk as a binary options investor trading in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options than a regular investor on those markets. And why is that? Simply because it costs a lot less. Buying stocks in those markets can sometimes be very pricey, and you’re not going to see nearly as much return on your investment. It can cost hundreds of dollars in some companies to simply buy one stock. Imagine trying to buy ten or twenty of them, and then just getting a few dollars back in the long run. But with binary options, you get to spend only a few dollars per trade if you want, and you get up to 80, or 90 percent profit in some cases on each trade. That’s far more than you’d ever get on regular market trading, and you won’t be losing your shirt if you make the wrong kind of investment.

8) If you’re a serious investor, you’ll know that trading in the market is risky right now. It’s up and down, some companies are going bust and some are profiting. But it’s sometimes hard to correctly guess which ones, and it’s going to cost you a lot of money if you make the wrong decision. But with binary options trading in FTSE and NASDAQ companies, you won’t have to invest that much, and you’re going to know there’s less risk involved in making the wrong decision. What’s even better is that you can make better and easier choices as a binary options than being a regular investor. And why? Because you’re able to choose to invest on a downturn as well as an upturn and get just as much money back for your effort. That’s why binary options is for serious investors.

9) It’s made by professionals. Binary options was invented by professional investors who wanted to have a simpler method of investing and making the choices that professionals want to make. It was only available to professionals for years in big trading houses before it was opened to the public. That means that for years, professional investors have been trading in NASDAQ and FTSE binary options and making a veritable profit before allowing anyone else to use these methods. It’s one of the best ways to create real, cumulative wealth and that’s why they kept it as theirs alone for so long. But now that they are open to the public, anyone can use them and be just as professional without having a ton of money to back them up when they start.

10) It’s far easier to diversify. The secret to any trading success is to diversify your portfolio. Everyone knows this. Everyone understands why. But how easy is it to diversify your portfolio when some stocks cost hundreds of dollars per stock? Does everyone have fifty thousand dollars they can invest in different stocks with enough to make a handsome profit? Most people don’t have that, and that’s why they were shut out of trading on the NASDAQ and FTSE for so long. But with binary options, that is no longer an issue. One binary options trade can cost only a few dollars, or however much you want to put into it. So for only a handful of dollars, you can trade in half a dozen companies all at the same time. This not only evens your chance for success, but also gives you greater control of what you’re spending on your investing and what you’re spending in your daily life. There is far less risk involved and much greater profit to be had. That’s why people the world over are turning to binary options trading instead of going directly to trade on the markets themselves.

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Top Ten Other Things To Do when you are not trading binary options

Top 10 Life Choices Outside Of The Binary Options Trade

From learning magic, to learning to draw, learning a new language, or nature photography, and more.

binary options rabbit pulls magician out of top hat

Presto! It’s the Bodacious Binary Bunny

There are many things to do when not trading in binary options. People think that binary options traders do nothing else but sit around all day in front of a computer screen and look at numbers, statistics, and economic news. But this is absolutely untrue. Binary options traders tend to work hard and play hard, or simply relax in downtime. Even the full time binary options traders do this. After all, nobody works on their job every waking moment.

10) Binary options investor like to read a lot. Reading is not only a great way to pass the time, but also to expand one’s mind. And the more one understands in life, the better one becomes at predicting circumstances. Reading has become easier than ever with the advent of tablets. Now, I carry an entire library of books on my iPad everywhere I go. It’s a great way to spend my time and to relax.

9) Hiking is another way to spend time when not trading in binary options. Go out there and enjoy a good walk in nature. With people staring at screens all day, walking in the woods or going on a trail in the mountains is a perfect way to shape yourself up and enjoy the world around you. Make sure you set aside a few hours to do that in so that you can just relax and look around you. Sometimes, just looking around is a great way to notice things about the world and yourself.

8) Photography is a wonderful way to spend some time when not investing in binary options. In fact, why not take pictures while hiking and walking around? We all carry cell phones with cameras now, and you don’t need a professional camera to do this. Try composing some pictures with your phone – most of them have very sophisticated software built into them which mimic professional cameras, only most people never experiment with the settings. When you’re out hiking, you have the time to try things out.

7) Cooking is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself when not exchanging binary options. Cooking is an art and it can be extremely enjoyable. Most people really only cook quick meals, but there’s not much enjoyment in that. Plan out a really nice dinner sometime and look up the things which you need to get to make it perfect. It takes time to cook a great meal. And then don’t eat it in front of the computer. Eat it at your table and enjoy it for the work that it was to make it. I promise you that it’ll taste wonderful and you’ll finish with a very satisfied feeling.

6) Listening to music is also a great way to relax when not engaging in the binary options trade. We all listen to music all the time – think of how easy it is now. Imagine what it must have been like a hundred years ago when you heard a song in a performance once, and may never hear it again. Now, we just call it up on our computer or device and listen to it as many times as we like. Perhaps you should sit down with some nice speakers or a nice headset and really listen to something relaxing with your eyes closed. It’s a great way to pass the time and helps you relax.

5) Go biking! Biking is a great active sport and enjoyed by many binary options traders. With a bike, you can go even further than hiking, and it’s just as good for you. Take some friends and check out some bike trails. A great way to do this is also to plan a picnic with them. Bring along some good food and stop somewhere really pleasant and enjoy a beautiful day. Especially with spring in the air, you’ll want to enjoy your time in nature by riding a bike for a while.

4) Visit a museum. Trading in binary options sometimes gives you extra play time, and going to a museum is a great way to enjoy art and learn things at the same time. A lot of people think that museums can be boring, but they’re really not. If you like reading about new things, and like seeing things up and close, you’ll want to give this a try. There is so much out there to see and to experience. Museum visits will educate you and expand your mind as well as your culture.

3) Lean a new skill like magic. Because of YouTube, you can find literally hundreds of thousands (if not more) of instructional videos online for absolutely free. There are tens of thousands of videos alone which teach about magic for instance. You can learn to do magic tricks just by practising some from online videos every day. It’s not only a great way to impress your friends, but it’s also fun! Practising magic only takes a few minutes a day and is very rewarding. It also makes you do something non-technology related which is also good for your daily mix.

2) Learn a new language. Learning languages can come in very handy for so many occasions and is the ultimate way of expanding your horizons and perception of things. There are thousands of online courses for learning a language and they’re far more fun than that high school French or Spanish class you were forced to take. Learning at your own pace is the best way to go and it will allow you to read other media to help you in your binary options investments down the road.

1) Learn to draw! Drawing is really relaxing and you can do it anywhere. There are also thousands upon thousands of free videos online teaching people how to draw. Everyone likes to doodle, but everyone is impressed by somebody who has abilities to draw well. So try that out for a bit and don’t give up so easily. After a while, you’ll see it was worth it.

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Briefer on binary options basics for traders

graph of the euro us dollar rate on March 12, 2013

Chart of one popular forex binary options asset

When Black and Scholes first presented their paper in 1973 about how to simplify asset purchases and minimize risk, it probably didn’t enter into their minds that they were about to revolutionize the popular way of trading on the market for the average person in the street.

Because of their new system, market trading was no longer restricted to only a few approved professional. Instead, it became the province of anyone who has a few dollars to spare and a willingness to engage in the market.

That’s part of what makes binary options so popular and so great and rewarding.

Recommended reading: Primer on the fundamentals of binary options trading online.

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Top ten forex options for binary trading

Review of the top ten forex binary options trading combinations, how it works, what to look for in the markets, and what’s the best strategy to use.


If you’re looking to trade in binary options, you should look at learning how FOREX works and what can be done with it.

Simply put, FOREX is a just trading different currencies for their value like any other asset. As you probably know, one country’s currency has a value when compared to another country’s currency. The difference in the value between the two can be used for trading purposes to make a profit, whether when buying or selling.

There are many different kinds of international currencies to trade in. Of course, every currency has an international trading value, but the ones which are most known and relied upon are the ones you have always heard about: US Dollars (USD), The British Pound (GBP), The Swiss Frank (CHF), The Euro (EUR), The Japanese Yen (JPY), etc… These represent the biggest trade values and most traded currencies in the world. Because of their economic power, these currencies are usually a safe investment when doing currency trades on the market. FREE welcome package sign up online casino, iPhone casino game 100% safe registrations. 24/7 live support for new players Online Canadian Gambling

FOREX trades occur by trading the value between two currencies. For example: USD/EUR would trade the difference between the two in the same way that one would trade the value of any other asset. Therefore, if the Dollar is gaining ground on the Euro, you may want to look in into trading USD/EUR and see how the market is playing those two against each other. Just like any other asset, you trade them in binary options with the same methods: Touch, Range, High/Low. These are the same kind of trading methods used in trading any other binary options asset, so you should be familiar with them.

Start by watching the economic news. Economic and financial news will always talk about how the Dollar is doing against other currencies – whether it is gaining ground or not. Usually, it talks about how the Dollar is doing against the Euro, or the British Pound, or a few others. Make sure you listen for this information and absorb and learn what the reasons are why it should be going up or down. Then, get online and start looking at your binary options for trading the Dollar against those currencies mentioned. Check out the live data graph because you’ll want to study that as it’s going on with the news in the background so that you can notice when the graph is dipping or rising – what kind of news is making it react in each different way?

When you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll want to start the actual trading. Suggestions on how to start would be the following top ten:

USD/EUR: Everyone knows that the Euro is the main competitor of the Dollar in the world market today. Some assets have started to switch from trading in dollars to euros, and there’s a good reason for that: The Euro, even with the Eurozone crisis, is a valuable currency. Make this your number one trade pick.

USD/GBP: There’s another traditionally influential currency in the world, and that’s the British Pound. And there’s a good reason for it: many of the most influential banks and trading houses in the world are situated in London. They’re British and go back centuries. In fact, one can say that they invented the modern capitalist market, so it’s a sure bet that their trading system is going to produce a really stable and important currency. Historically, the Pound has been one of the highest values in currency trading since hundreds of years. In some ways, the Euro competes more against the Pound than the Dollar.

USD/JPY: There are two nations in the east which compete against the Dollar the most: China and Japan. And as everyone knows, the Japanese market is still one of the most competitive markets for high tech in the entire world. While China relies on manufacturing, Japan relies on high tech innovation with ceramics and electronics. These are important fields in which to trade and represent the entire full force of trading in USD/JPY in FOREX. Make sure you understand this currency trade as it’s one of the most important in the world.

USD/CHF: There’s one nation in the world known mostly for its banks, and that is Switzerland. And there’s a reason why the Swiss Franc is so powerful: because they have some of the most reliable banks in the world. Trading in USD/CHF, you’ll want to focus on international banking news. And that doesn’t just mean Swiss banking news. It means any sort of large transaction from either private or public owned companies – many of these will have their transactions pass through the Swiss banking system, which is sure to profit from each trade.

There are many other kinds of combinations to look for in trading in FOREX binary options. You’ll want to check out such currency trades as EUR/GBP to see if you can make money from any power struggle between these two vital and European currencies. And don’t forget to also learn about JPY/EUR – especially when news about the European space program comes out, or even news about nuclear research. Europe relies on Japanese high tech companies for many of their extreme high end technology enterprises, often partnering with such names as Mitsubishi and Honda in robotics and precision instrumentation research. Take advantage of these announcements in the news to see what kind of opportunities these can herald for you in the currencies markets.

Another one to look for is GBP/CHF: the struggle between the two for worldwide banking dominance is coming to a head with the crisis in the Eurozone. Because of this, those two banking systems are coming to a head and you can make fast money on high payout investments with these.

Whichever you choose, remember too that different combinations can be used to represent entirely different shifting markets underlying the live graphs. There are many reasons why currencies rise and fall every minute, but be sure you understand the big root causes before you start looking for the more intricately minute reasons.

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Expert opinion on trading oil binary options during the winter holidays

Published article about oil binary options trading during the winter holidays and why the demand in oil rises far more right now than at any other time of the year.

oil vessels upon the water

color illustration of oil shipping and trading

‘Tis the holiday season, and that means opportunity. Lots and lots of opportunity, in fact. And as a binary options trader, you’ll want to be keyed in to those opportunities as much as possible.

The biggest opportunity, of course, is oil. The holiday season represents the coldest months of the northern hemisphere, of course, and that means people will be heating their homes. Because of this, oil prices and production will be going up without fail. Most homes in America and Europe are heated with oil, and with the weather extremes as they are, oil demand will go up even more than usual.

As a binary options trader, you’ll want to be in oil binary options trading because the trend line will almost never go down. Indeed, with such demand, the trend line will be steadily climbing up, which is something you can literally bank on.

But that’s not the only reason that oil prices go up. No, oil makes up part of our entire society all throughout the entire world. And with the holiday season, everything becomes busier. Production goes up because of gift-giving, as there are more and more things to make and sell. And then think not only of production (which also includes petroleum products), but of delivery. Yes, this season is the busiest shipping and trucking time of the year. More trucks, boats, and delivery planes are being used right now than ever before, and they all use oil. And of course, because of that, oil prices will be going up. In fact, some shipping companies hire twice or three times as much staff because of this just for this season alone.

That means more people on the road to get to their jobs, which also means more oil consumption. It also means that they will be paying more for that precious resource – something which you should take into account when investing in oil binary options.

There is also the family travel time. During these months, most people will go to visit their families – whether it’s by car, or on the plane, or even the trains. These all require oil to move around, of course. And then, naturally, many people in Europe will also be taking a month of vacation during this time. This presents even more travel time around the world for literally hundreds of millions of people. And that means lots of potential profit.

Much like trading forex binary options, Investing in oil with binary options can be very lucrative when you know that the trend line is going to sharply rise with even more reliability than during any other time. Because of this, you should be looking at all of these factors when investing this season. It’s like somebody is telling you what the trend line is going to do and letting you decide how best to use that information. One need only study the line hourly for a day or so to see the rhythm of it before understanding exactly how much to invest and how quickly for a huge return on investment.

There’s another fact about investing in oil with binary options: any story on the news about holiday sales and gifts, as well as any story about extreme weather, will make the price of oil jump up within minutes as investors will be putting in what they can to make a profit from it. The market is based on awareness of the people in society, and that awareness and morale will decide how the market fluctuates. Because of this, look for news stories about travel, weather, gifts and holiday sales to see how quickly the trend line goes up. Try to time your watching of the news with looking at the market data live so that you can match the sharp increases with what is going on in the news at just that moment. You’ll start to see a pattern.

With stories about weather, you’ll be guaranteed that investors will be investing in heating oil. With stories about gifts, you’ll be guaranteed that investors will be investing in oil because of manufacturing and shipping. Also, most people never think about this but it’s a good thing to remember that during the holiday season, people use far more electricity than normal. A Christmas light may seem small, but multiply it by billions across the entire nation, and you’ll get an understanding of why. All of those lit up lawn ornaments and the fact that it becomes dark outside much earlier than during any other season will contribute to the electricity bill. And as you know, much of our electricity is generated by oil, which means far more demand for it during this season than at any other time.

Yes, a binary options trader will certainly want to look at oil demand during this season to be guaranteed a rise in the data line, which means much more profit for him or her.

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Trading forex binary options in rough seas

Article about trading binary options FOREX and a bit about the history of it and how a successful investor will make a great return even during an economic downturn.


binary options anxious octopus trading forex in rough seas

The seas were rough for forex traders that day, my friend

If there’s one thing that you should learn about as a binary options trader, it’s how to trade FOREX binary options. FOREX is trading different international currencies on the market, and it’s how a lot of successful traders have made their fortunes.

Since time began, people have been trading anything they can on markets, of course. But the thing they trade with since the last several hundred years has been a currency. Whether it’s the US Dollar, or the new Euro, or Japanese Yen, a currency represents a unit of measurement which represents value.

Of course, we all know this, and binary options traders are no exception. But what most people don’t know is that currencies themselves are also assets which are traded. Each currency has a unique value at any given moment, driven by market forces of other assets being traded around which that country produces. And that means that one unit of currency can be more valuable than another. That makes currencies no different than an asset on the market with a unique value to be traded – such as Gold, Silver, Oil, or company stocks. Each unit is valued at a certain level, and that value changes from second to second, given the amount of trading of units on that market, and the amount produced from that country. It also is affected by the stability of that economy, which makes certain currencies much more stable or a better investment than other currencies.

Most binary options traders trade the currencies of big countries on FOREX markets. That means things that you are probably familiar with, such as the US Dollar, of the Euro, the Yen, or even the Chinese Yuan. You can exchange one for the other, such as US/EUR or EUR/JPY, etc…. and invest in whichever one however you like. For example, a binary options trader might want to trade in US/EUR and estimate that the US Dollar will rise against the Euro. If he or she is right, then the trader will be rewarded with a successful high yield return on investment. Of course, the trick is learning how it all works so that you can make the right call for the right currency at the right time.

That’s why it’s important to learn what’s going on in each economy you’re trading in. That’s essentially what you’re doing as a FOREX binary options investor: trading in economies of the world. You’re making an estimation about whether that economy, or the value of that economy, or economic unit, is going to go up or down at any given moment. And, like trading in Oil or Gold, you need to know what’s going on so that you can learn the wisest way to invest your money.

Binary options traders use a lot of methods to try to track currencies. One way is to read a lot of economic news. Economic news will give you a general picture of how an economy is doing. Naturally, at the time of this writing, there is a recession going on in many parts of the world. But that doesn’t mean that you need to feel the pinch. In fact, a recession is a great time for a binary options trader to make a lot of money in good investments.

It’s important to remember that traders aren’t affected by economic downturns if they predict them. They can, in fact, see it as a huge investment opportunity coming their way. It’s a little bit like being outside of the market itself, and banking, or trading, on what the market will do. As a binary options trader, you’re not affected by loss of jobs, or even entire companies going bankrupt on the market. If you’re a good FOREX binary options trader, you’ll in fact even make money if that happens. Whether companies or people around you win or lose in the economy doesn’t affect your success. That’s why binary options trading is so valuable and so rewarding because if you’re good, no matter what happens with the economy, you can still reap a huge reward.

For example, you can invest in your estimation that a currency will go down instead of up against another currency, and you’ll make just as much money as if it went the other way around – if you guessed correctly. It’s the best way to free yourself from the economic restraints of market forces which assuredly can put everyone else down. If you think that an economy is going to do badly, say the Euro for example, you can trade in it going down instead of up. If you guessed correctly, the Euro can go down and you’ll make a huge yield.

What a binary options investor has to do is to divest himself or herself of the notion that these are anything else except for trading pieces. They’re all economic units on the market, including currencies, and the markets themselves are just a chess board. When you play chess, you need to learn where all the pieces are and think ahead several moves to predict what the opponent will do. That’s why economic news is so important with FOREX binary options, because it’ll let you think ahead and see if there are downturns or upturns which you can invest in. Either way, if you predict correctly, you’ll get a big return on investment. Companies, assets, and even currencies are simply pieces on the chess board. Once you learn how to predict how they will move and where they will move, you’ll win that chess game more often than not.

As a FOREX binary options trader, just remember that it’s all got to do with trading one asset against another and predicting whether it will go up or down, or touch, or stay in a single range. With enough economic news information at your fingertips online, you can easily start seeing patterns with the live data graph and invest wisely and the smart way. That’ll make you a very successful FOREX binary options trader.

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OptionsClick wins 2 major binary options awards from GBAF

Global Banking & Finance Review Awards Bestowed Upon OptionsClick

Just recently, OptionsClick was awarded two major awards from Global Banking & Finance Review for 2012. The two awards were “Best Binary Options Customer Services Europe 2012” and “Fastest Growing Binary Options Broker Europe 2012” – both very coveted award categories in the industry.

OptionsClick is one of the fastest growing online binary options services, and obviously one of the best. With its full range of options for trading, OptionsClick is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to start in binary options trading or anyone who is already an expert trader in the industry.

graphic of optionsclick's best customer service award (2012)
Because of OptionClick’s best customer services of any other website, OptionsClick presents a perfect way for the beginner to get started. Beginners have a lot of questions when it comes to financial trading and the financial industry, and binary options trading is no exception. Many beginners feel as if it can’t really be as simple as the industry presents it to be when in fact it is. But with OptionsClick’s top of the line services, customers are given much more assurance that their questions and potential problems will be answered and addressed (if there are any problems that even come up). With such a great fallback for the beginner, they can feel confidence when trying out to become a new binary options trader online.

With the award winning binary options service of OptionsClick, traders can branch out into many more fields with many more options. Granted, there are a slew of trading websites these days, but obviously few of them are as big and noteworthy (and top of the line) as OptionsClick.

graphic of award granted to optionsclick for the fastest growing brokerage of 2012And with the binary options awards category of Fastest Growing Binary Options Broker, one can easily see why OptionsClick should be a great service to start with. Because of the noticeable success of OptionsClick, expanding markets and options provide the trader with many more opportunities in his or her daily trading than otherwise from any other service. Combined with the fantastic opportunity of trading from an award winning binary options service, and the fact that the service has the best and most notable customer service of any of them, a trader who is also experienced in trading can feel confident about having made the correct choice in services for his or her trading.

When it comes to new or experienced customers, everyone has questions about financial services and transactions. In fact, the more questions you ask, the better you learn your trade and understand what is going on. This is a natural progression of the learning curve. And even though binary options trading is very simple to learn, it doesn’t mean that questions won’t arise in all sorts of areas. For instance: how does Range trading compare to High/Low? How fast are investment payouts? What kind of Return on Investment do people get for trades? What kind of markets can I invest in? What kind of currencies can I trade? Can I only trade on tech companies or do you have more traditional companies to trade in as well?

These are all very important questions and even the experienced binary options trader should be asking them when joining a new service. You never know how one service with markets and stock commodities compares to another until you start asking these kinds of questions. In fact, you never know how each market differs until you start studying and asking about it in detail. That’s why being with such an award winning binary options trading service is a great idea.

Another important thing to note is about the fastest growing binary options broker award. This ensures that you’re dealing with a company that you can trust, and a company which is going to offer you the widest range of options available. Binary options traders want the most options possible. Whether it’s in markets to trade, currencies, stocks, commodities, or trading platforms such as range, high/low, touch/no touch, or any other sort of option you want in your binary options trading. People who do business as online traders, whether they’re simply hobbyists, enthusiasts, amateurs, new, experienced, or full time professionals, want the option to make investments in their own way, on their own time, in the best way that fits them and their schedule. As a growing broker which is gaining traction, by trading with OptionsClick you can guarantee that your relationship with the OptionsClick service will not be neglected. A growing service realizes that the customer is the most important person in the whole company – especially ones who are investing and making the company successfully grow. That’s the sort of person that a company such as OptionsClick respects more than anyone else, and the sort of person it wants to attract – old or new to trading alike.

That’s why being a growing company is important for you in your selection, because you know that OptionsClick will realize how important you are to their business, even as they help yours grow as well. OptionsClick is a great service to do business with because of these things, providing the best experience in binary options trading in options, platforms, and personal customer service, which we all desire at one point or another. OptionsClick will never forget that the customer is what makes the business, and provide the best options available and the best service possible. That’s why OptionsClick was awarded these awards and prizes, and why they are so important in the industry of binary options trading. So if you are looking for a great way to trade in binary options online, and if you’re looking to do business with a solid business partner who gives you the necessary and trustworthy tools with which you need to succeed, make sure that you’re looking at OptionsClick for your trading needs. Whether you need help figuring stuff out, or you’ve done it all before, OptionsClick will provide you with the best possible outcome for your binary options trading online in a range of venues of quality service and performance-noted help. You can trust OptionsClick to be there for your needs, even if it’s just asking a question with a simple answer.

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Trading EUR/JPY Binary Options

Trading EUR/JPY Binary Options and why it can help to trade in this money market for a fast return on investment and high yield, especially during the tourist season

Trading in binary options is a great way to invest.

caricature of eur jpy boxing

EUR v JPY Currency Debt Match

As many know, with the fluctuations in the market, investors are enjoying high yield profits from fast returns on their investments.

Fluctuations in the market represent opportunity for investors to make a quick return on their investment. And one of those opportunities in the world market is trading in Euros (EUR) and Japanese Yen (JPY). There are many reasons as to why, so let’s break it down a little bit so you can understand why this can represent a great opportunity for you as a binary options trader.

The Euro and the Yen are staples in the world market. And while some may look on the latest economic reports about the Euro with a sense of gloom and despair, not so the binary options trader! If you are a binary options trader, you should never lose hope. In fact, you can make a return on investment regardless of whether or not the outlook is grim or positively sunny. What matters is what you think will happen and how much you’re willing to invest in that prediction.

Regardless of the situation, EUR and JPY are wonderful tools for the investor because they represent trend lines in global trade on any number of sectors including technology, manufacturing, communications, money markets, tourism, aerospace, futures, employment figures, political elections, and pretty much everything else in our world economy. The reason? Europe and Japan are two of the biggest manufacturers of technology and products in the whole world.

While a lot of investors continually look at the dollar, it bears remembering that the dollar (although mighty), is not the only major player out there. In fact, it may even be that, at times there are other better tradable currencies such as EUR and JPY. And why? Precisely because fewer Americans may be trading in it. You may see this as a golden opportunity in investing with a quick return on your investment. For a binary options trader, this is a great opportunity to make a name out of themselves.

With computers becoming the dominant item of importance, Japan is one of the biggest inventors of computer technologies in the world. Not only is it home to Sony, one of the biggest companies of technology in the world, but also to some of the biggest car names as well. Cars and computers are probably two of the most profitable businesses there are, and certainly two of the most important ones. Japanese companies are well respected and continually innovate since the 60’s, becoming a world power over time with more and more power of invention.

This drives their entire economy which is why the Japanese Yen (JPY) is so important today. Of course, it used to be different. In the 1950’s, Japan was still recovering from the war. But the world has greatly changed. In today’s world, Japan is, in many ways, a completely different nation. Respected and loved, people are always curious about Japan and wish to visit there. Their culture is world renown, respected, and admired – just like their companies. Because of this, many tourists go to Japan and spend money there, which only serves to increase the value of the JPY even more. This occurs especially during the summer months when Westerners love to visit Japan.

This is also the case in Europe. Europe is the favorite destination of Americans for their vacations. You can expect that during the summer months, flocks of American tourists will be spending their Euros (EUR) in France, Italy, or England. Or, really, just about anywhere else in Europe. Americans want to see different cultures and explore London, Paris, and Rome. This has been the case since the 1950’s when European travel became associated with chic trends and fashion. That is why more and more Americans are spending their dollars during these summer months and trading them in for Euros.

This means that a binary options trader, tracking these trends, can look at the seasonal months and decide when they think the trend on the EUR/JPY market will go up. It’s not too hard to see the trend moving upwards or downwards when contrasting it to the news of the day, or even the hour. A good binary options trader will know that such an investment is fairly secure and will bring in a fast return on investment for his or her trouble. Of course, a good trader will always want to diversify in other markets at the same time. It’s best for a binary options trader not to keep all his or her eggs in one basket. That’s why keeping a live line to incoming news media is very important. Keeping a browser open to the New York TImes is a good move, as they have graphics which can show off the latest news and how people may interpret things to come. It’s worth repeating that EUR/JPY markets usually respond to news events of the day and therefore, it is wise to take into consideration that there may be a slight delay for human reaction should some news come across your browser right now. Try to anticipate that reaction before others do so that you can maximize your returns and get a higher yield for your time.

Binary options trading is not only a science, but an art form as well. Trading in something as fundamental on the markets as EUR/JPY is a great way to demonstrate how invested you are in your trade, and lets you anticipate moves in other markets as well.

Remember that the keys to successful trading are return on investment and high yield. EUR/JPY trading on money markets will provide you with that level of confidence required with which to make a success out of your future investments in binary options trading.

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Reading the weather to trade oil binary options

How reading the weather can help trade in oil assets for binary options traders, and predict trends for heating oil, air conditioning, and many other things.

caricature of solar wind and oil affecting binary option traders

Heat blows energy prices sky high

Trading in oil binary options is a great way to maximize your return on investment. Oil assets are always rising during certain times of the year, and you should capitalize on these trends. Oil is the very basis of our entire modern society, and trading oil assets is essentially investing and trading on the very thing which makes everything around you possible.

If you want to learn about trading in oil binary options, you should learn about the weather. While oil affects everything in production, for instance, it also is affected by the weather itself. Weather is one way that oil trends can be predicted quite easily. For instance, if it is going to be summer, it will eventually be hot outside. This means more and more people will want to use air conditioning or, at the least, fans, to cool themselves down. The hotter the day, the more energy will be used, and the more oil will be used to create it.

Likewise, the colder the day, the more people will want to heat their homes. Heating oil is a vital component in the oil economy, and learning to understand this is a very important key in trading in binary options oil assets.

Another thing which ties into oil and weather is transportation. Transportation during the summer months costs a lot more. During the summer, more energy is required for refrigeration during transportation of perishables (food, for instance), which needs to be kept cool. The oil in a truck provides this cooling, and also provides the air conditioning in the main cabin. Also, during the summer and winter months, a lot of people go on vacation. The rise in traffic in the air or the ground during these months will certainly raise the demand of oil. Keeping tabs on this is very important if you’re trading in oil binary options because, as a trader, you’ll want to make sure you understand the trends. These trends can be affected on a daily basis. If, for instance, you hear that it will be the coldest day of the year, you’ll know what the trend will do: it will go up. The same can be said for the hottest day of the year.

Predicting the weather will give you a greater understanding in this. Of course, oil is affected by everything which goes on in the world, including political climates, development of new technologies, and even the announcement of new products which all require oil energy to make and transport.

A lot of people also don’t realize how much the weather plays a part in shipping. Shipping is one of the foundations of our economy. Without shipping, we wouldn’t have anything which we have around us. And you don’t have to look only at the road conditions. Another vastly overlooked component would be ships. Ships in the sea are powered by oil and make our worldwide economy possible.

People rarely think about it but these shipping lanes are affected by ocean tides and flows. Hurricanes can vastly slow down shipping lanes, or even stop them altogether. Tsunamis and cyclones can do so as well. If the weather is bad enough during certain months of the year, shipping will sometimes slow to a halt. This will affect the demand of oil for ships. but not necessarily downwards. It may slow down enough tankers to make oil become even more expensive during the season.

While it may slow down the traffic inland, it will probably increase the demand on the sea, and a binary options trader will want to capitalize on this.

Another way in which the weather can affect oil trends is regional weather patterns. Remember that when it is summer below the equator, it is winter above it. This usually means that there will be a demand for more air conditioning in the southern hemisphere, and demand for heating in the northern hemisphere, resulting in varying regional demands. But the two situations don’t always go hand in hand. There may be a cooler summer in the southern half than the harsher winter of the northern countries – each thing will affect the other in different ways.

Being a binary options trader in oil assets means you should keep tabs on these things, and try to learn to predict what will make the trend go up and down at any given minute. That’s why it is important to have access to some sort of live weather updates along with news broadcasts as there may be very important information around the corner. But even more important are the weather forecasts.

As we all know, weather forecasts are not always correct. However, they are mostly correct. And that in itself is a little marvel of technology. Imagine living in a pre-satellite world where there was much less of an accurate prediction rate of the weather. Without satellite technology, it would be almost impossible to get a ten day forecast. And yet, we take it for granted today, which says a lot about how far we’ve come.

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In the past, predicting the weather was done via weather stations on the ground, all tied in with telephones to share data and try to come up with a small little prediction for the next few days. But with satellite technology, prediction oil asset trends has become much easier.

Now, we can look at the ten day forecast and, while it may not hit every single digit completely accurately, we will notice a trend. This trend, and knowing how to read it, will also allow you to read the trends in oil demand, and will help you while you trade in binary options oil assets. So, while it is important to keep a news feed open as a binary options trader, remember to also keep another feed option which talks about the weather. It may seem unimportant at first, but it can be a great investment of your time.

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Trading Silver Binary Options

green graph line going up against a backdrop of silver binary options trading

Investing in Silver

If you’re someone who is technologically savvy, you may find that silver options are more appealing for binary options trading than oil options or many others.

Silver today is used for a vast array of technological products, as it helps improve chemical reactions. It is used with computer keyboards, electrical control knobs, Mylar tape and many other purposes. If you’re someone who follows technology products and the fluctuations of prices with technology equipment, you might find silver binary options to be a good bet for yourself. It’s certainly something that is more tangible and more easily followed for some than are oil options or many other examples. Giving this consideration as you start to look at binary options can help you with your decisions and with deciding which assets to focus on. Learn more about your options and become a more educated and thoughtful binary options trader.

You may not know that Mylar tape is actually partly silver, but it is. And this influences the silver options and their prices when you go to do binary options trading. As you start to look at the binary options trading choices that you have, it’s important to think about the things that influence silver options, oil options or any other options. Focus on an area, like the ability to trade silver, and become an expert in that area. For many people, becoming an expert with silver binary options would be much more accessible than doing so with oil binary options. This is one of the considerations that you should make as you undertake to trade binary options. Then, you can start to look into the fluctuations in prices for silver binary options and to understand the market in this one niche area more.

Everything has a volatility to it, which makes the binary options trading process more exciting. The question is whether you enjoy the volatility and want to focus on assets that are more volatile – or whether you prefer more subtle changes. When you trade silver, for instance, you’ll often find slower changes than you will with the process when you trade oil. It all depends on your personality and the amount that you are willing to lose or gain on the trade. For binary options, the volatility when you trade oil may be to your advantage, because you can gain a great deal if the prediction that you make is correct. You can also become an expert by following world events and paying attention to what happens with oil on the world stage. This will offer you insights and ideas to trade oil.

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